The Best Wedding Photography Is...


Not Posed

When You Are Actually Being Yourself

All Of The Inbetween Moments


Not Planned

When You Forget There Is A Camera Around

Why I Photograph Weddings The Way I Do.

The first wedding I ever photographed began disappointingly.
I had a lot of pretty good pictures, but nothing that I loved. Everything looked so posed and cheesy to me.
All of the smiles were big but clearly fake, and I was so tired of posing people and saying ‘okay, now everyone smile!

At one point during the Bride and Groom portraits, I needed to change a lens. That takes a few seconds, so to stall for time I said, ‘So, you’re married now… How does THAT feel?’
I really was just stalling for a few seconds but I saw them both look at each other and then they both just had these AMAZING, genuine smiles on their faces, and for a few seconds they were lost together.
And just like that, it all made sense in my head. This is what I want to do. I want to photograph the little moments where they almost forget I’m there.

Those are the pictures that mean the most to the couple, the one's they hang on their wall and treasure forever. Those are the pictures that I like to capture.

Ever since then I’ve photographed weddings as candidly as is possible.
I seldom do anything more than mild direction during the portraits, and the only time you will ever see me actually pose people is during the family formals.

If you want your wedding to be like a photoshoot, that’s totally fine and you’ll get some great pictures, but please DON’T book me – I’m not your guy.
However, if - like me - you value natural, candid pictures, focused on real moments and emotion, then you’re my kind of people and we should definitely have a chat about your wedding.

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