What I Actually Do

I deliver amazing photos that you’re going to treasure forever. I’ll be capturing all the little things you’re too wrapped up in the moment to even see. Things that will make you laugh, cry and grin your faces off when you see the pictures.

Even more than that, I’ll be your wedding planning advisor; drink/bouquet/make-up fetcher; buttonhole expert; confetti choreographer; general calming presence. 

Plus I always have sunscreen and tissues in my bag!

I believe you should not be spending more than half an hour or so focused on photos during your wedding day. You should live it and enjoy it and relax in the knowledge that I'm capturing it all beautifully for you.

Who You Are

No cheesy poses, no standing around for hours - you're all about the laughter, tears and dance moves!

If you've found yourself on my website then it's likely that you probably cringe at the very idea of being photographed.  And the thought of spending hours lined up with a parade of distant relatives, while your canapés and drinks disappear one-by-one, is probably not how you want to spend your wedding day.

You are planning a fun wedding and you really want to enjoy it and live it.
You are looking for a photographer that understands that and knows how to get great pictures without all of the awkward posing.  

What To Expect 

  • No image limits! I won’t stop editing at a certain point. Every photo I take that passes quality control gets added to your final gallery. On average, a full days coverage will deliver you anywhere from 600 to 900 images
  • A copy of each image in both colour and black and white. Hate it when a photographer decides whether your favourite photo should be in colour or black and white? Me too - so I don't decide for you, I give you both!
  • A proper chat - in person, video chat or phone - to answer any questions you may have in the run up to the day
  • A private and password protected online gallery with all of your images, fully edited and in high resolution
  • Options! While all of the things above apply to every booking, you'll be able to personalise your experience with lots of extras and add-ons. Things like a highlight video, a second photographer, an album and much more, can all be added. Just send me a little message and I'll email you over a full guide with all of the details.  

Using Format