Highlight Video

According to an article in The Huffington Post, 98% of brides that choose not to have a video of their wedding, later go on to regret that decision.
Wedding budgets are often very tight and many people feel that photography is more important than video.

I believe that photo and video are both equally as important as each other.
This is why I shoot BOTH photo and video as a single person.

Don’t have the budget for a video team, but also don’t want to be among those 98% of brides that regret not having a video?
I can help with that.

Want a wedding video but don’t want the intrusion of a full video team running around your wedding and obstructing your guest’s views?
I can help with that too.

Let me introduce you to highlight videos.
Just like the videos below, a highlight video is a 4-10 minute cinematic video of your special day, created by piecing together hundreds of video clips that I shoot at the same time as I’m taking photographs. These videos are a really beautiful addition to your pictures and a wonderful way for you to re-live the magical moments from your wedding day again and again. They are also really easy to share with your friends and family - which people love - and which is especially great if someone close to you couldn’t be at your wedding.

Highlight videos are available to be added to any of my packages – click here for details.

If you want to discuss how a highlight video can work for your wedding, or to check if I’m available for your date, contact me here.

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