A Chelsea Old Town Hall Wedding

Gabby and Ben first got in touch with me back in March and I knew right away that these two were going to have a super fun wedding. Sometimes you can just tell - so I was really happy when they decided to book me.

Saturday was the big day - and what a day!

Gabby got ready with her close family in Battersea. The house had the most amazing natural light everywhere so I was overjoyed with it!

For me, one of the most special parts of the bridal prep is always when the bride walks into a room, in her dress, and everyone sees her for the first time. 

I mean, how great is this? And a what a proud Dad!

I left Gabby and rushed off to meet Ben, who was enjoying a nice pre wedding pint.

When I arrived I found he’d made friends with this little guy, Dash, who was more than happy to have a picture with the groom on his big day.

Before we knew it, we were all at Chelsea Old Town Hall and waiting for Gabby to make her big entrance… which she duly did.

And the sight of his beautiful bride was enough to bring Ben to tears…

The ceremony was lovely and emotional and all the things a ceremony should be.

Best Man, Sam, watches on proudly as his best mate marries the woman of his dreams.

And then it was done. Husband and Wife - time for the first kiss and a celebration!

Then they were greeted by their guests on the famous steps of Chelsea Old Town Hall - how happy do they look!?

After some bubbly and some laughs the guests made their way to the reception venue while Gabby, Ben and I took a few pictures around the Chelsea area. 

I lost count how many times ‘CONGRATULATIONS!’ was yelled from the people of Chelsea but it was wonderful! 

The happy couple reunited with their guests back at the Hollywood Arms for lots of food and drinks and then three genuinely world class speeches from Gabby’s Dad Mike, Ben and Best Man Sam.

Here is Ben delivering his speech in style.

And Gabby’s sisters Felicity and Justine really enjoyed the Father of the Bride’s speech!

I know we’re all still living in a time of restrictions and general weirdness right now, but I’m so, so delighted that receptions, and particularly the couple’s first dance, are back!

The time had come for me to leave Gabby and Ben with their guests but, before I left, we popped back outside for a few night time shots.

Gabby and Ben also chose to have a highlight video for their big day. For more info on highlight videos - click here!

That’s all for this little sneak peek, folks. I’ll add one or two more pictures from this wedding to the Facebook and Instagram pages as I edit them, so feel free to follow along over there. 

Big thanks to all at Chelsea Old Town Hall and the Hollywood Arms for being so great.

Thanks also to all of Gabby and Ben’s guests for being amazing, extremely photogenic and for taking such good care of me all day.

Special mention to Gabby’s Mum, Denise, who was a great help - particularly at Bridal Prep - and to Sam the Best Man for his help during the formal shots and for giving me a little shout out in his speech!

A huge thanks to Gabby and Ben for being so utterly brilliant - you guys are great!
Big congratulations to you both! 🥂

If you were one of the people watching the Zoom, my sincere apologies if my big bald head blocked your view at any point! I tried my best to stay out of your way, I promise!

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