A Pembroke Lodge Wedding

Well what can I say about these two? 
What a couple. What a day!
From the moment I first met Charlotte and Shanon and they told me they’d only be playing rock music at their wedding, I couldn’t wait to shoot it for them.

Charlotte got ready at her parent’s house in Epsom and chose to have Land Rover that had been imported from South Africa as her wedding car. This was awesome because; 

a) Land Rovers are cool, and 

b) Shanon is from South Africa

Soon enough, we were at the beautiful Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park where Shanon was keenly awaiting his soon to be wife.

But first - time for a silly face selfie!

Soon enough, it was showtime!

The ceremony was lovely and very sweet and before we knew it, Charlotte and Shanon had some new bling and were kissing to whoops and applause from their nearest and dearest!

And it all got a little bit emotional for some…

And then noise and applause started up again as the (very) newlyweds made their way out of the ceremony room.

Either side of a really intense rainstorm, we managed to spend some time in the beautiful gardens of Pembroke Lodge. 

One of the many cool things about Charlotte and Shanon’s big day is that instead of flowers on the tables, they had these amaaaazing animal masks…

Which were well utilised after the wedding breakfast.

True to their style, their first dance was to Stone Sour and it was glorious! 

And then rock music played out long into the night…

As always, right before I left them to party with their guests, I asked if they wanted to spend 10 minutes taking a few night time shots. These two are awesome so of course they said yes…

That’s all for this little sneak peek, folks.
I’ll add one or two more pictures from this day to the Facebook and Instagram pages as I edit them, so feel free to follow along over there.

Huge thanks to all at Pembroke Lodge and to Charlotte and Shanon’s guests for being so great and making sure I was well taken care of.

Huge congratulations to Charlotte and Shanon! 


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