A Reigate Manor Manor Wedding

Sometimes it all just happens perfectly. 
After a week or so of grey, miserable, on-off rainy weather, it all just turned to blue skies and sunshine just in time for Kelly and Scott’s big day yesterday.

I spent the morning and early afternoon with Kelly and her girls at Reigate Manor while they got themselves wedding ready. They were relaxed and joking with each other all day - no sign of nerves at all.

One of the many things I liked about this day was that they chose to do a ‘first look’. This is common in America and Canada but much less so here in the UK. 
Once Kelly was ready she waited by the staircase at Reigate Manor and Scott made his way from his room to see her in her dress for the time. A really beautiful moment.

She also did the same thing for both her Dad and her Stepdad, but I can only post so many pictures here, so they’ll have to wait for the full gallery for those pictures!

Kelly was so well prepared that we still had time for a cute picture with the kids…. and then a shot with her Bridesmaids.
And that, ladies and gents, is how getting ready for a wedding is done! 

Soon enough we were all off to Leatherhead Registry Office for the ceremony.
Scott was ready and waiting for the bridal party.

He didn’t have to wait long. There are pictures of everyone that walked down the aisle, but for the purpose of this little sneak peek, I’ve just chosen the two cutest (sorry bridesmaids!).

Then it was Kelly’s turn, escorted by her very proud father.

The ceremony itself was short and sweet and before we knew it, Kelly and Scott’s guests were cheering and applauding and we had a married couple!

I love confetti shots because someone always does something cheeky. I’ve seen people throw the full box before, I’ve seen tons of people launch a scrunched up handful direct into the couples faces before, but I had never seen someone do what Scott’s Mum did. She shoved a handful right down his back, ensuring that he had an itchy back all day and then when he finally got undressed that night, the hotel room would be covered in confetti! What a legend! 

On the way back to Reigate Manor we stopped at the lookout point on Reigate Hill for these beauties!

After the wedding breakfast, it was time for speeches - four in total, expertly delivered by Scott, Kelly’s Mum and both of Scott’s best men - but also this little dude, who had clearly enjoyed his dessert, wanted to say a few words to his Mummy and Daddy too! 

The absolute highlight though, was when half way through his genuinely excellent speech, Scott became overwhelmed with emotion and without hesitation, both of his best men got up and went and stood by his side to help him get through it.
Lads, if you’re wondering how to choose a best man - choose someone that would do that for you. 

Next up we had a lovely first dance followed by a Dad and daughter dance and then also, both Kelly and Scott’s Mums were invited to the dance floor for a special dance with the happy couple too.

And just like that, it was party time! 
And it was soundtracked excellently - any dancefloor that has Fancy Like by Walker Hayes playing, is a dancefloor I’m happy to be on! 

That’s all for this little sneak peek, folks.
I’ll add one or two more pictures from this day to the Facebook and Instagram pages as I edit them, so feel free to follow along over there.

Huge thanks to all at Reigate Manor and Leatherhead Registry Office for taking such good care of me and for making sure the day went smoothly.
Thanks too to all of Kelly and Scott’s wonderful guests for making me so welcome.

Huge congratulations to the very happy couple and thanks for having me at your special day.

Other Vendors:

Make up - Fiona Wyatt

DJ - Makrum (PM Entertainment)

Photobooth - Giggling Genie

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