A Twilight Wedding at Orsett Hall

My first wedding of 2022 was a beauty. A twilight wedding at Orsett Hall on Friday with Natasha and Ismael - a super relaxed, fun couple - and their loved ones. The perfect start to the year.

They were both excited and a little nervous but just look at their faces when they laid eyes on each other.

The ceremony was really sweet, they read personalised vows to each other which were equally lovely and funny. Then everything was sealed with a kiss.

Because this was a twilight wedding, it was dark by the time the ceremony was finished. But dark or not, there was a confetti shot to be had! To make everything nice and romantic I asked all of the guests to switch on their torches on their phones to create a little tunnel of light for the (very) newly weds to walk through while the confetti was thrown. 

We used the beautiful gardens at Orsett Hall to take the formal pictures - I especially like this one of Natasha and her girls. 

And then it was time for me to take the happy couple for a little walk around the gardens. We had about 25 minutes and managed to explore most of area in that time. I love night time shots so much and to have a wedding where they were all night time shots was a real joy for me.

Before too long we had the first dance followed by the party! Natasha made a point of dancing with all her girls - no matter how little they were.

And the little ladies did more than their fair share of dancing throughout the rest of the evening! 

It was almost time for me to leave but one of the most amazing things about Orsett Hall is that they have a huge (and very impressive) chandelier that hangs from the very top to the very bottom of the building - 5 floors in total. It looks like a waterfall of light and I couldn’t leave without quickly placing Natasha and Ismael at the bottom of that for a few pictures. 

That’s all for this little sneak peek, folks.
I’ll add one or two more pictures from this day to the Facebook and Instagram pages as I edit them, so feel free to follow along over there.

Huge thanks to all at Orsett Hall for taking such good care of me and for making sure the day went smoothly.
Thanks too to all of Natasha and Ismael’s wonderful guests for making me so welcome.

Huge congratulations to the very happy couple and thanks for having me at your special day.

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