A Wedding At Channels Estate

On the hottest day of the year so far, Katy and Mike were married at the lovely Channels Estate in Chelmsford.
It’s always nice to be back at Channels - My wife and I had our Wedding there back in 2019 so it’s a special place for me to shoot at.

Katy and her girls got ready at the retreat and they had an absolute blast!

There was laughing, singing… dancing on the tables! And it’s fair to say that Katy’s girls were blown away when she was finished with her hair and makeup! 

Although, if they looked impressed when she showed them her hair, they were stunned when she strolled out of her room in her dress!

My sincere apologies to Katy’s Mum for her being a bit distorted by the glass ceiling light in that last picture 😬

While all of this was going on, Mike was waiting for his Bride like a good Groom should.
Now, I’m told Mike was quite nervous but honestly, look at this dude. Does he look nervous to you? 
I mean, it’s 30c at this point, he’s in a suit and tie, just minutes until he gets married - and he still looks like he’s just chilling with the lads - What a guy!

Katy didn’t make him wait too long in the heat though and before long, it was showtime! 

How cool is the outdoor ceremony space at Channels, by the way? Especially on a day like Saturday was - blue sky, greenery and a big ‘LOVE’ sign in the background. And of course, bright and brilliant sunshine.
I was glad I remembered my sunscreen to protect my big bald head from burning or I would have been in trouble! 

The ceremony itself was really lovely. Short and sweet and sealed with a kiss while all of the guests whooped and cheered! 

One of Katy’s Bridesmaids said to her that her dress actually sparkled in the sunshine and I mean, she wasn’t wrong! 

While the guests all hid in the shade and kept nice and hydrated, I took the happy couple (and an excellent dress floofer, Kate) off for some pictures. And what a great set of shots we got too. 

By this point it was almost dinner time, but we still managed to squeeze in a group shot and a confetti shot. I know, I work fast, right?

During the meal, Katy and Mike’s guests were entertained by the excellent Charlotte Day who was so good that she managed to get hungry people to take a break from their meal to have a little boogie - especially this guy! 

Before we knew it, it was time for Katy and Mike’s first dance. Look how happy Mike looks here.

And then, party time!
I suspected when Katy’s girls had been dancing on the table 10 hours earlier, that it may well be quite the party come the evening, and I wasn’t wrong. There were some serious moves! 

Just as it was time for me to leave them to it, I grabbed Katy and Mike for just 5 minutes to squeeze in some quick evening shots.

And with that, I headed home to take a cold shower and drink a gallon of ice cold water.
What a day though. What a couple. And what a bunch of absolutely crazy guests! 

That’s all for this little preview, folks.
I’ll add one or two more pictures from this day to the Facebook and Instagram pages as I edit them, so feel free to follow along over there.

Huge thanks to all at Channels for taking such good care of us. Especially to Katie and her team for making sure the day went so smoothly. That woman runs a tight ship and I love it! 

Thanks too to all of Katy and Mike’s lovely guests for making us so welcome. 

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