A Wedding at Friern Manor - Sophie and Matt

I love my job so much. 
Sophie and Matt had the most amazing wedding (and party!) at the beautiful Friern Manor yesterday.
Great people, loads of fun, and I really just kinda felt like I was a guest at their awesome day with a couple of cameras in my hands.

Sophie got ready in the bridal room with her girls and they all had the best morning laughing and joking. Every one of her bride squad made sure Sophie had nothing to worry about. They took care of her and also made sure I had all the little things (like Matt’s sneaky note on the sole of Sophie’s shoe) that I needed to photograph so she could just relax and get ready in peace.

She looked completely gorgeous and before we knew it, it was time for Mum and Dad to come into her room and see her. She obviously stunned the both of them.

While Sophie’s bridesmaids and I waited for her interview with the registrars to finish up, I went to take a quick photo of the squad.. and this happened.

I knew at this moment that we were in for quite the party later in the evening!

While we were outside shooting the best album cover a girl band could ever dream of, Matt was awaiting his beautiful bride.

He didn’t need to wait long though. Sophie rocked up right on time and completely knocked his socks off!

The ceremony itself was really lovely. Short and very sweet and all sealed with a big ol’ smooch and walk back down the aisle to cheers and applause from some very excited guests.

Then for my favourite part of any wedding, but particularly this one. The very newly weds and I (plus the very awesome Zoe on dress floofing and hype girl duties) took a little stroll around the beautiful Friern Manor grounds to get some gorgeous photos of a gorgeous couple. I mean… check these out!

Then we rejoined their guests for the loudest confetti walk I’ve seen all year.

After the delicious food had been eaten, one or two glasses of wine had been enjoyed and the speeches had been expertly delivered (shout out to Sophie’s wonderful Aunty Helen for making me and everyone else in the room cry), we headed out into the gardens for some group shots. And of course with these girls, we got some beauties!

And then it was time for a very romantic first dance and an epic dip-kiss!

And of course the moment this lot had been waiting for all week… PARTY TIME!

We still had time to pop back outside and get a few night time photos. One of the many reasons I love Friern Manor so much is how amazing the gardens are for photos both in the day and night. Put a beautiful couple in the scene too and… 😍

We still weren’t done there either. Sophie popped up to the room to put on a party dress and it was back to the dance floor!

Honestly, what a day. What a couple. What an amazing bunch of guests… and what a party!

Did I mention that I love my job?

That’s all for this little preview, folks.

An incredible day for the most wonderful couple. 

I’ll add one or two more pictures from this day to the Facebook and Instagram pages as I edit them, so feel free to follow along and re-live some more beautiful moments.

Huge thanks to all at Friern Manor for taking such good care of me and for making sure everything ran smoothly. Special mentions to Ash, Joanne, and Mike.

Thanks too to all of Sophie and Matt’s wonderful guests for making me so welcome. I had a blast with you all and made many new best friends!

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