An Islington Town Hall Wedding

Natalie and Jonathan were originally scheduled to get married on Christmas Eve last year and got to within 3 days of the wedding… and then Boris pulled the plug.
Thankfully though, on Friday, at the very impressive Islington Town Hall, their wait came to an end and these two legends finally tied the knot!

The day began at The Hilton Hotel in Islington where Natalie and her girls were getting ready, enjoying a few glasses of bubbly and having a lovely time. 

As the dress went on things got a little emotional and Natalie’s Mum was taking it all in.

With Jonathan and all of the guests in the hotel bar, and the girls in their dresses ready, it was almost time for the bride to make her big entrance. Not before her Dad came up to the room to escort her down though. It’s fair to say that he was blown away by the sight of Natalie in her dress.

And then it was time, all eyes were on Natalie as she made her big entrance.

And Jonathan was delighted to see his beautiful bride.

At these moments, I also like to focus on the guests as well as the couple. Look at these three reactions!

Soon enough, it was go time and we were at Islington Town Hall. Natalie was escorted down the aisle by her very proud Dad and greeted by her even prouder groom.

The ceremony was very sweet and emotional - and sealed with a kiss! 

Then just like that, we had ourselves a married couple.
Natalie, Jonathan and their guests posed for pictures on the stairs outside the Town Hall.

One of the joys (and challenges) about city weddings is that you’re usually taking pictures in busy, traffic heavy areas. You don’t often have a great deal of control over your surroundings and that can make it challenging to get the shots you wanted for the couple. However, what an opportunity for some unique, creative shots. Natalie and Jonathan wanted an urban city vibe to their pictures and chose Islington Fire station as a location for their couple’s shots.

I thought it would be great to incorporate a famous London red bus in one of the shots but something more interesting than just taking a picture of them by a bus.  So as I was stood on the opposite side of the street I slowed the shutter speed on my camera down and waited for a bus to drive through. As the bus was right in the middle of the scene I took the shot. The slow shutter speed meant that the moving bus was blurred and the stationary couple remained sharp and in focus through the window of the bus.

I really like this shot!

Soon we were at the last venue for the day. The Boundary rooftop bar in Shoreditch…

…Where the drinks kept flowing.

Right before it was time for me to leave, there was a lovely sunset over the rooftops of East London so I quickly stole Natalie and Jonathan away from their guests one more time for a quick sunset shot.

That’s all for this little sneak peek, folks.
I’ll add one or two more pictures from this day to the Facebook and Instagram pages as I edit them, so feel free to follow along over there. 

Big congratulations to Natalie and Jonathan and thanks to all of their wonderful guests for taking care of me all day and for being great fun to spend a day with (especially Natalie’s Mum Christina who even toasted me at  the end of the night - that’s never happened to me before!)

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