Top 5 Reasons To Get Married At Friern Manor

As a recommended photographer at the beautiful Friern Manor, I have photographed a lot of weddings there and often get asked what makes it such a great venue.
So I thought I’d make this blog post with the top 5 reasons why I love it so much and why it might just be the perfect venue for you.

1) It’s gorgeous.
I know that seems like an obvious one to start with but I mean, it has to be said. From the ivy covered manor house, to the garden lake, to the church ruins, to the perfectly kept gardens. There’s no other way to say it - it is gorgeous! And absolutely perfect for wedding photos.

2) The chandelier ceiling.
In the old coach house at Friern Manor they have the most incredible chandeliers on the ceiling. I call it the birds nest ceiling and, aside from making the entire room look absolutely incredible, it is the most amazing spot for cake cutting and first dance photos.

3) Staff.
This is actually a bigger deal than you might imagine.

As someone that has worked at over a hundred venues all over the country, I can tell you that all too often I see poorly trained, scruffy staff front and centre at a wedding breakfast.
At Friern Manor though, they retain their staff so well and when a new member joins they are impeccably trained and ready.
I see all the same faces every time I’m there. I know all their names and can happily chat to them. That’s so rare and is obviously nice for me but what that means for you is that you get staff that know their jobs inside out.
You have a question? They’ll have the answer. You need something? They’ll take care of it.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been at a venue where a couple have a request and are met by two or three blank faces from staff members that have no idea what to do.
Not at Friern Manor.

4) Food.
Food is a big part of a wedding and you want your guests raving to you about how great the food at your wedding was right?

Good news! The food at Friern Manor is amazing… Trust me, I know!
They have lots of options from a full traditional meal, to street food carts, buffets and everything in-between and there are no bad choices.
During the weddings I’ve shot there I’ve tried just about everything they serve and it is all delicious. I’ve also had tons of conversations with couples and their guests who have told me how incredible the food was. 

5) Night shots.
One of my favourite parts of any wedding is when a couple comes outside with me for a few night time pictures and there is no better venue than Friern Manor for this.

As the sun goes down, the lights come on and the gardens transform from a lush green paradise into a brilliant and vivid dreamscape. It’s so amazing to have a venue that allows two sets of completely different, but equally stunning, photographs from the same garden.
If I’m shooting your Friern Manor Wedding and I ask you to pop outside for 10 minutes at night - please say yes!

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