You Have Questions… I Have Answers!

I thought it would be a good idea to write a post with the most frequently asked questions - questions I get asked all the time - by engaged couples.
The chances are at least one or two of these have crossed your mind too!

If we book an ‘all day’ package from you, how long do you stay at the wedding for?
All weddings are different and run to different timelines, so I deliberately don’t put a number of hours on my all day packages. All day will cover from bridal prep to around an hour or so after first dance.

How much is the deposit and how frequently are the other payments after the deposit?
The deposit is 25% of the total cost of your order. The deposit secures your booking, so as soon as that is cleared, you are booked in and your date becomes unavalaible to anyone else. After that, you can pay the remaining balance in as many or as few installments as you wish, so long as it is cleared at least two weeks before the day itself. Upon booking, you get access to your own online portal on my website. Here you will be able to see all of your payments, receipts and a balance update, so it’s really very easy to spread the payments however you wish and keep track of everything.

How many pictures do we get and are they all edited?
It varies from wedding to wedding but for a full day wedding, you can expect to get somewhere between 600-700 pictures. More if you choose a second photographer. I don’t limit the amount of pictures you get. If it passes quality control, you get it. All pictures are professionally edited and in high resolution.

Are we allowed to print our own albums etc from the pictures?
Absolutely. All images are high resolution and suitable for print - albums, books, wall art etc. While I will talk to you about the albums I professionally design and offer once you have received your pictures and had time to choose your favourites, you absolutely do not have to order your albums through me.

Are you insured?
Yes. Many venues require insurance and it would be entirely unprofessional to work at weddings without insurance anyway. You can rest assured I’m covered and happy to supply either you or your venue with a copy of my insurance.

Do you have back-ups in place?
Yes, I have back-ups on back-ups! First of all, my cameras have two memory card slots, so each shot is written to two seperate cards. So the initial back up starts in the camera. After the wedding, I don’t go to sleep until all pictures are backed up on both my external hardrive and the cloud. Just to be extra safe, I don’t delete your images from the memory card until you have received your pictures. 

What happens if you can’t make the wedding for some reason?
It would need to be a very good reason. I haven’t missed a wedding yet and I don’t intend to start anytime soon. That being said, if I did find myself in a position where I couldn’t make the wedding, I have a network of myself and 3 other excellent photographers and we have agreed to cover for each other at short notice should one of us not be able to make a wedding.

How long does it take you to get the pictures to us after the wedding?
3-5 weeks. It rarely takes longer than 3 weeks but very occasionally at very busy times, it may take a little longer so I always say to 3-5 weeks. That being said, on the pre-wedding questionnaire I would send you a few weeks prior to the big day, there is a section that asks if I can share your images on my socials/website. If you tick YES to that question, you will get a ‘sneak peek’ added to my blog within two days of your wedding. A ‘sneak peek’ is somewhere around 10-15 pictures that you can enjoy and share with friends and family while I get to work on the rest.

Are we supposed to arrange a meal for you? If so, how does that work?
While it is most certainly appreciated when a meal is arranged for me, unlike lots of suppliers I actually don’t insist on it - and there is nothing in the contract regarding it. Should you choose to, mention it to your venue and they’ll be able to tell you exactly how it works there. Usually they have a seperate little room nearby for suppliers to eat, but they’ll let you know the details. It’s competely fine if you prefer not to supply a meal of course, but the only thing to be aware of there is that I will have to pop out to the car for a while to eat, and should something happen during that time, I won’t be there to capture it. It’s unlikely to be an issue though, as I’d most probably eat at the same time you do.

We love your night pictures but the reception will already be under way by then. Can we work something out with that?
Sure - actually nearly all of the night pictures you’ve seen on my website or instagram etc are taken after the reception has started. I would usually be there until about an hour after first dance. A little while before I leave I’ll let you know that I’m leaving soon and I’ll see if the two of you have 10 minutes to pop outside to get a few of those night pictures. If you like that idea, I’ll get things set up outside and let you know when I’m ready for you.

Hopefully that anwers a few of the questions you may have been thinking of, but if you have any questions I didn’t cover above, or if you want to discuss anything else with me, contact me here.

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