Kim & Charlie

Kim and Charlie had a beautiful wedding at St Mary’s Church, Beddington with the reception taking place at The Centre in Wallington. 
They were maybe the most relaxed couple I’ve seen in the build up to the wedding, but there were definitely some nerves on the day itself! 
The day was amazing though, and they had a great time celebrating with the people closest to them.
Here are a few pictures from the day and some little stories behind them.

There are a few more pictures from Kim and Charlie’s wedding over on Facebook and Instagram so feel free to check those out (and maybe give me a follow while you’re there!)

Kim and Charlie will have ALL of their pictures in a few weeks, so if you were at their wedding and you want to see everything, they’ll be able to share them with you soon enough.

Thanks again to Kim and Charlie for having me there on their big day. 

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