A Hawk Conservancy Trust Wedding - Amy & Dean

Well this was a new one for me. A wedding in a hawk conservancy - how brilliant! 
This is one of Amy and Dean’s favourite places in the world and so it seemed like a natural choice for their wedding. I love anything a little out of the ordinary so I was delighted to be able to say yes when these two asked if I was available to photograph it for them. I mean, a wedding where the ring bearer is an owl, an eagle gatecrashes the bride and groom portraits and they have their own private birds of prey show.
What’s not to love!?

I have so many pictures still to go through and edit, but I always try to get these blogs up within a day or two of the wedding, so here are just a few that I’ve managed to get through already.

Well there we are. That’s all for the sneak peek - what an amazing wedding.
I will be posting a few more over on the Facebook and Instagram pages as I edit them so feel free to follow along over on those.

Also feel free to screen grab these and post them on your own pages too (although a @tag is always appreciated).

Big thanks to all at the Andover Hawk Conservancy Trust, especially Jemma, for taking such good care of us all day and making sure the day ran smoothly. Great work from all of you.

Of course most of all, thank you to Amy and Dean (and Taiya-Louise) for being amazing all day and…. well, for hiring me to photograph such a cool wedding! Congratulations to both of you.

A Two Hoots Barn Wedding - Hannah & Paul

Wow - What a wedding this was!
Hannah and Paul chose Two Hoots Barn in Sternfield, Suffolk as the venue for their big day. The barn is surrounded by a Christmas tree forest and during the latter months of the year it becomes Redhouse Christmas Barn. Maybe then, it was somekind of Christmas miracle that every weather forecast was predicting huge thunder storms for much of the day, but instead we got gorgeous sunshine nearly all day long.

Here are some pictures from Hannah and Paul’s wedding day:

That’s all for this little sneak peek, folks. I will add a few more pictures from this wedding to the Facebook and Instagram pages as I get through the editing, so feel free to follow along over there.

Big thanks to all at Two Hoots Barn and Broadland Bars Catering for taking care of me and to Indigo Heights for making sure the party took no time to get going (there are lots of party pictures to come!)

Also, huge thanks to Sohel (Best Man) and Sarah (Maid of Honour) for their assistance with everything from rounding people up for groupshots, to dress puffing - top work, guys!

Mostly though, massive thanks to Hannah and Paul. Thanks so much for having me at your big day and for making sure I was so well looked after all day. Sincere congratulations to you both!

A Silvermere Inn On The Lake Wedding - Katie & Mark

What a day Katie and Mark had yesterday. They lucked into the warmest day of the year for their wedding and their big day was as lovely as the weather.
Their ceremony took place at Weybridge Registry Office, a venue that I’m very familiar with and very fond of - they have a wonderful garden area that is great for photographs. 
Then it was off to Silvermere Inn On The Lake for the reception - and lots more pictures there too. It was my first time shooting a wedding a Silvermere and it has so many great photo opportunties, I loved it.
More important than the venues though, was the couple. Katie and Mark were incredible. Laid back and relaxed and up for all the pictures. They had a wonderful day and partied with their guests long into the night. 

Here are a handful of pictures from their wedding day:

There are so many more pictures still to come and I’ll post a few more over on Instagram and Facebook as I edit, so feel free to follow along over there.
Katie and Mark will have all of their pictures in a few weeks, so if you were at their wedding and you want to see everything, it won’t be too long before they can show you!

Huge thanks to Katie and Mark for having me at their wedding and for making sure I was so well looked after. 

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