A Langshott Manor Wedding

Like so many couples this last 18 months, Josie and Ollie had been forced to postpone their wedding.
In fact, yesterday was 5th time lucky for these two!
I’m delighted to say that good things do indeed come to those who wait though, and yesterday - in the beautiful setting of Langshott Manor in Horley, these two wonderful people had the wedding of their dreams.

I spent the morning with Josie and her girls as they got ready, chatted, laughed and drank some extra strong Mimosas. They also enjoyed peeking out of the window to watch as the guests arrived.

When Ollie and his boys arrived, he had one of them hand deliver a rather lovely wedding day gift to Josie. ‘First Day, Yes Day, Forever Day’. Ollie is a smoothie, huh!?

Before long, it was go time. Ollie was nervously awaiting his bride, but he didn’t have to wait too long before she appeared and was proudly escorted down the aisle by her Dad, Martin. 

A beautiful and emotional ceremony followed and was sealed with a kiss and rapturous applause from all of Josie and Ollie’s guests.

And then a very special (and very good) boy arrived to share the moment - an extremely excited Woody was super keen to celebrate with his Mum and Dad, and he even dressed up for the occasion! 

Josie and Ollie’s guests were keen to pelt them with confetti and well, I love a good confetti shot so I was super happy to line everyone up and let them do their thing!

All of the excitement was getting a little bit too much for Woody and it was time for him to head home for a nap - but we managed to sneak off to a quiet area of Langshott Manor for him to get a few cuddles and spend a few minutes with Josie and Ollie before he headed off. I might have snuck a few cuddles with him too…

Shortly after, I was hanging out of a second floor window grabbing this shot of the happy couple and all of their guests.

Now then, let me introduce you to Cindy. Cindy wanted to take a ‘third wheel’ picture with Josie and Ollie and she absolutely  smashed it!

The happy couple and I left their guests to enjoy some drinks and some lawn games while we took a little walk around the gardens at Langshott Manor for some couple’s pictures.

Oh, and having mentioned lawn games - let me quickly show you what a man that brags ’I’ll get at least four out of five of these’ and then scores a zero looks like.

Time was flying by and soon it was time for the first dance and any couple that picks Luke Combs as their first dance are my kind of couple!

One thing that is true at most weddings is that the later into the evening it is, the more ‘lubricated’ people become and the more fun group shots become, but also the more outrageous the photobombs become. This might be my favourite photobomb ever!

It soon became time for me to leave Josie and Ollie and all of their wonderful guests to it, but as always, I asked if they fancied a few night time shots before I left.
I especially like the second one. To get this one I just asked them to stand in the window and put a flash behind them (the room itself was completely dark). I then said to ’just cuddle up and be all cute and stuff’ and I ran outside and took some shots while the room was lighting up like a rave!

That’s all for this little sneak peek, folks.
I’ll add one or two more pictures from this day to the Facebook and Instagram pages as I edit them, so feel free to follow along over there. 

Big thanks to all at Langshott Manor and to all of Josie and Ollie’s guests for making me feel so welcome and taking such good care of me. Special mentions to Jess and Robin for their help in rounding people up for the group shots and for dress ‘floofing’!

Most of all though, big congratulations to Josie and Ollie! 

A Leatherhead Register Office Wedding

This afternoon I had the pleasure of photographing Maggie and Percy’s wedding at Leatherhead Register Office.
Despite only living 20 minutes from Leatherhead, this was my first time shooting a wedding at the Register Office there and was superb.

Maggie and Percy had a very small and intimate ceremony and it was really beautiful.

They entered the ceremony room together where their guests were eagerly awaiting them.

The ceremony was short but very sweet.

And just like it should have been, it was sealed with a kiss!

Maggie and Percy had such an intimate wedding arranged that they only hired me for an hour, but we still managed to spend a bit of time in the gorgeous gardens at Leatherhead Registry, including a shot of them with all of their guests…

Before they had a little stroll around the gardens with me to get these great shots.

That’s all for this little sneak peek, folks.
I’ll add one or two more pictures from this day to the Facebook and Instagram pages as I edit them, so feel free to follow along over there. 

Big thanks and huge congratulations to Maggie and Percy!

A Starborough Manor Haldi Ceremony

Something new for me this weekend – I absolutely loved capturing this Indian pre wedding ceremony for Jenita and her family at Starborough Manor in Kent.

My knowledge of Indian wedding traditions leaves a lot to be desired, but I did my best to learn about what was happening and why whilst I captured all the fun, beauty and colour of it all (all of Jenita’s family were so great at explaining all of the different things to me, which was so helpful!)

That being said, there’s still a pretty good possibility that I may have got some things wrong in this write up and I apologise if that’s the case.

We got started when Jenita’s family arrived at Starborough Manor for lunch before the ceremony. 

The very proud parents of the bride had a nice little cuddle as they watched everyone arrive.

Before long the bride herself arrived and a few final additions were made. I absolutely
loved how colourful and vibrant everything was – so beautiful.

After lunch, proceedings began with plenty of prayers and plenty of singing from the
watching family members.

I guess the full belly and the singing made this little guy feel sleepy!

One of the things that struck me was how joyful and emotional everyone was. It was
a genuinely beautiful experience and there was so much love in the room.

The part I really loved photographing came next – I believe it is called a Haldi ceremony and it is where a mixture of Turmeric, oil and water are mixed together to form a yellow paste which is then applied to the bride – and not always carefully!

And sometimes she retaliates! 

I was told this is traditionally done to give the skin a beautiful glow come the wedding day. It’s also a lot of fun and a big crew of mischief makers (my kind of people!) took great pleasure in telling Jenita how they were going to make sure she looked Marge Simpson before they were done!

I can’t tell you how fun and joyous this whole event was and even though I left there with a little more knowledge about Indian wedding traditions than I had when I arrived, there is still so much I don’t know and need to discover.

What I do know though, is that they are fun and colourful and proper celebrations – I loved it!

That’s all for this little sneak peek, folks. I’ll add one or two more pictures from this day to the Facebook and Instagram pages as I edit them, so feel free to follow along over there. 

Big thanks to everyone who made me feel so welcome, took the time to explain the traditions to me and made sure I got to eat lots of delicious food!

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