A London Wedding - Chelsea Old Town Hall

On Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing Chantal and Daniel’s beautiful and intimate city wedding in London. The ceremony took place at Chelsea Old Town Hall, with the reception held at The Hollywood Arms. It was a wonderful occasion, filled with love and laughter.

Chantal and Daniel, the lovely couple, walked hand in hand down the aisle surrounded by their closest friends and family. The ceremony itself was short but sweet, and afterwards, we all gathered on the famous steps of Chelsea Old Town Hall for a joyful confetti throw.

While the guests headed to The Hollywood Arms for drinks, Chantal and Daniel stayed behind with me for a special moment. We captured some lovely couple portraits that showcased their natural chemistry and love for each other.

When it was time to join the rest of the party at The Hollywood Arms, we hailed a taxi. To our surprise, the kind-hearted taxi driver refused to accept any fare, considering it a wedding gift for the happy couple.

As we arrived at The Hollywood Arms, the atmosphere was relaxed and full of joy. Guests mingled happily, sipping on drinks and enjoying tasty nibbles. It was an evening filled with laughter and celebration.

As a photographer, I feel incredibly privileged to have been a part of Chantal and Daniel’s special day. Capturing their love and happiness in a natural and fun way was truly a memorable experience. London weddings are always special, and I am grateful for the opportunity to document such beautiful moments in this vibrant city.

 I’ll add one or two more pictures from this day to the Facebook and Instagram pages as I edit them, so feel free to follow along and re-live some more beautiful moments.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who can capture the essence of your love story with a natural and fun approach, I would be honored to be a part of your special day. Get in touch with me, and let’s create timeless memories together.

Thanks to all of Chatal and Daniel’s wonderful guests for making me so welcome. I had a blast with you all. 

A Gorgeous Winter Wedding at The Oaksmere in Suffolk

The wedding I photographed yesterday for MJ and Chris was seriously one for the books! The whole day was filled with so much love, fun, and emotion - I couldn’t help but get caught up in the excitement myself.

First of all, let me start by saying that it was a super intimate affair with only 8 guests. Can you believe it? I absolutely love shooting small, intimate weddings because it feels like you’re really part of something special. And boy, was this one special!

The venue, The Oaksmere, was an absolute dream. With the winter sun shining, it looked absolutely stunning. It genuinely created a magical atmosphere. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting to capture all those precious moments.

Now, let’s talk about the bride and groom, MJ and Chris. These two are an absolute blast!
From the moment I met them on a zoom call just a few weeks ago, I knew we were going to have a great time together. They are so down-to-earth and genuinely fun to be around.
It’s couples like these that make me love my job even more.
They trusted me to capture their special day, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

The whole day was filled with laughter, tears, and so much love. There was something about the intimate setting that made everyone let their guard down and just enjoy the moment. I’m telling you, it was truly special.

As a photographer, there’s nothing I love more than capturing those natural, candid moments. The little glances shared between the couple, the playful moments with friends and family - those are the images that really tell the story of a wedding. And let me tell you, I got some absolute gems from this day that I know MJ and Chris will cherish forever.

And of course, it’s super fun to crack out some fun poses here and there too and the occasional creative shot, like the beauty at the end of this blog created with just a torch and little piece of copper pipe.
So, that’s it - my little recap of this incredible Suffolk wedding I had the pleasure of documenting. It’s days like these that remind me why I fell in love with wedding photography in the first place. The joy, the happiness, and the overwhelming sense of love - it’s all so rewarding.

Massive thanks to all of MJ and Chris’ guests for making me feel so welcome and to all at The Oaksmere for taking such good care of me - especially Ana who was just incredible all day (and didn’t even mind that I stole the happy couple away for 15 minutes between courses to get some extra shots)

The most amazing day for a wonderful couple.

For couples planning a wedding I can highly recommend The Oaksmere. It’s a gorgeous Suffolk Wedding Venue, with stunning outdoor and indoor spaces.
With its beautiful gardens, picturesque lake, and amazing food, the Oaksmere provides a breathtaking backdrop for your wedding photos and makes sure your guests have a great experience.  



Top 5 Reasons To Get Married At Friern Manor

As a recommended photographer at the beautiful Friern Manor, I have photographed a lot of weddings there and often get asked what makes it such a great venue.
So I thought I’d make this blog post with the top 5 reasons why I love it so much and why it might just be the perfect venue for you.

1) It’s gorgeous.
I know that seems like an obvious one to start with but I mean, it has to be said. From the ivy covered manor house, to the garden lake, to the church ruins, to the perfectly kept gardens. There’s no other way to say it - it is gorgeous! And absolutely perfect for wedding photos.

2) The chandelier ceiling.
In the old coach house at Friern Manor they have the most incredible chandeliers on the ceiling. I call it the birds nest ceiling and, aside from making the entire room look absolutely incredible, it is the most amazing spot for cake cutting and first dance photos.

3) Staff.
This is actually a bigger deal than you might imagine.

As someone that has worked at over a hundred venues all over the country, I can tell you that all too often I see poorly trained, scruffy staff front and centre at a wedding breakfast.
At Friern Manor though, they retain their staff so well and when a new member joins they are impeccably trained and ready.
I see all the same faces every time I’m there. I know all their names and can happily chat to them. That’s so rare and is obviously nice for me but what that means for you is that you get staff that know their jobs inside out.
You have a question? They’ll have the answer. You need something? They’ll take care of it.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been at a venue where a couple have a request and are met by two or three blank faces from staff members that have no idea what to do.
Not at Friern Manor.

4) Food.
Food is a big part of a wedding and you want your guests raving to you about how great the food at your wedding was right?

Good news! The food at Friern Manor is amazing… Trust me, I know!
They have lots of options from a full traditional meal, to street food carts, buffets and everything in-between and there are no bad choices.
During the weddings I’ve shot there I’ve tried just about everything they serve and it is all delicious. I’ve also had tons of conversations with couples and their guests who have told me how incredible the food was. 

5) Night shots.
One of my favourite parts of any wedding is when a couple comes outside with me for a few night time pictures and there is no better venue than Friern Manor for this.

As the sun goes down, the lights come on and the gardens transform from a lush green paradise into a brilliant and vivid dreamscape. It’s so amazing to have a venue that allows two sets of completely different, but equally stunning, photographs from the same garden.
If I’m shooting your Friern Manor Wedding and I ask you to pop outside for 10 minutes at night - please say yes!

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