A Dublin City Hall Wedding - Lorna and Phil

This wedding was a special one for me, for many reasons. It was my first non-UK wedding. It was my first Halloween wedding. Most importantly though, it was my brother’s wedding. Not many people get to photograph their little brother’s wedding, right? 
It was an absolute joy to do, of course. The wedding was amazing - full of little touches and surprises - and both Lorna and Phil had the time of their lives with their family and friends.

Here are a some shots from their big day.

That’s all for now folks but I will post a few more over on the Instagram and Facebook pages, so feel free to follow along over there.

Big thanks to all at Dublin City Hall and Clayton Ballsbridge for all of your help.

Also to the Fagan family for all of your help and hospitality. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Huge congratulations to Lorna and Phil. Lots of love to you both x

A Tithe Barn Wedding - Sarah & James

Some time ago I was in a coffee shop waiting to meet with a couple to discuss their wedding. Two chaps sat at the table next to mine and began a conversation. I couldn’t help but over-hear, they were talking about one of their upcoming weddings. 
A miscommunication meant that the couple I was supposed to be meeting were actually in a different coffee shop (two Cafe Nero’s on the same hight street!)
I couldn’t leave without introducing myself to the soon to be groom. It was too much of a coincidence not to.
That soon to be groom was James. A few weeks later I was in a different coffee shop, this time the correct one, meeting James and his fiance Sarah. Happily they decided to book me for their wedding - and what a wedding it turned out to be!

They were married at St. Dunstan’s Church, Cheam with the reception at Tithe Barn, Box Hill where they partied long into the night with all their closest friends and family. It rained near enough all day but neither of them were worried one little bit by that. 

Here are a handful of pictures from their big day.

That’s all for now folks, but I will post a few more over on the Instagram and Facebook pages as I edit them, so feel free to follow along over on those.

Sarah and James will have all of their pictures in a few weeks so if you were at their wedding and want to see the rest, it won’t be too much longer before they can share them with you.

Huge thanks to Sarah and James for having me at your big day and big congratulations to your both.

A Keston Village Hall Wedding - Helen & Ben

Helen & Ben had one of those amazing ‘all hands on deck’ weddings that seem to come together beautifully right at the last.
All of the friends and family were at the reception venue - Keston Village Hall - the night before the big day, making sure everything was just right. They were lugging tables and crates upon crates of drinks, hanging fairy lights - all that good stuff!

It was effort well spent though because it looked amazing. 
Before they could enjoy the reception in Keston with their guests though, there was a lovely ceremony at Emmanuel Church in Croydon in the afternoon. Helen and her girls arrived in style on an old school London bus (the same bus would later be the transport to ferry their guests to the reception), everyone seemed exactly the right amount of nervous and excited and the applause upon the announcement that they were officially husband and wife was just glorious. 

Here are a handful of pictures from their big day.


That’s all for this little preview folks. I will post a few more over on the Instagram and Facebook pages as I edit them though, so feel free to follow along over on those.

A big thanks to Tim who not only smashed his master of ceremonies duties but also rounded people up for the group shots like a pro! 
Also to Jo, for her aforementioned dress floofing skills, and of course to little Rory for being an amazing assistant and the king of high fives! 

Most of all though, my sincere thanks to Helen and Ben for allowing me to capture their big day for them. Massive congratulations to you both and I hope you have the best honeymoon! 

Other vendors that helped make this amazing wedding so special:

Hair & Makeup - Hannah Gibbins
London Bus - Traditional Travel Ltd
Florist - Ruby Taylor
Band - The Wandering Lights
Catering - The Golden Whisk
Cake - Pretty Cakes, Croydon
Cheese wheel cake - Lyburn Farmhouse Cheesemakers
Hall - Keston Village Hall
Church - Emmanuel Church

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